Natural Force Healing (NFH)

NFH is a bio-vibrational technique that uses muscle testing of precise reflex points to determine energetic vibrational imbalances of the body, mind/emotion, or spirit that are being presented at the time of your treatment.  Every cell of the body has a specific normal vibratory rate.  When this normal rate is maintained, the cells and thus the organs exhibit good health.  NFH detects imbalances of this vibration and assesses which energy levels are needed to re-balance your cells.


When the needed energy levels are applied through specific hand positions placed upon designated areas of your body, a peeling away of distortions accumulated over your lifetime begins to happen. Not only will you experience physical changes, but you will feel tremendous changes in your spiritual and mental-emotional health as well.  The purpose of the hand positions is to allow significant amplification of these specific energetic force levels to accomplish clinically applicable changes in you in minutes.