Nutritional Care Benefits these Concerns

Digestive disturbances:  constipation, diarrhea, GERD, indigestion, gas, bloating, and gall bladder congestion

Infant and children conditions:  colic, constipation, behavior and mood disturbances

Body image concerns:  weight gain, obesity, emotional eating, and poor diet

Hormonal imbalances:  ovary (estrogen and progesterone), prostate (testosterone), adrenal (cortisol), and thyroid health, low energy levels, low libido, and insomnia

Detoxification needs:  pesticide, herbicide, heavy metals, and environmental pollutant toxicities and the resulting mineral deficiencies (that can result in osteoporosis), dehydration, and essential fatty acid imbalance



Functional Nutrition is a non-invasive way to definitively determine areas of nutrient deficiencies and imbalances and find the right supplements to overcome these body stressors.  This is done with some simple yet very accurate tests in addition to assessing dietary habits using a Food Journal and the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ).  The Food Journal is helpful for those of you who want or need to regulate blood sugar because of Diabetes or Hypoglycemia, who have a desire to lose weight or obtain a more optimal body composition, who have sugar or carbohydrate cravings, or who just want to focus on a lifestyle of eating healthier.

The following tests are done during a Functional Nutrition assessment:

  • First and foremost, muscle testing of various reflex points is performed to determine which reflexes are active and therefore of highest priority to handle.  The muscle testing technique that Dr. Dawn uses to determine specific organ and nutrient imbalances is called ENAT or Energetic Nutritional Assessment Technique.  LEARN MORE ABOUT ENAT HERE!
  • Oral pH to determine the acidity or alkalinity of the body
  • Zinc taste test to determine zinc sufficiency
  • Iodine patch test to determine thyroid health
  • Blood pressure taken when moving from laying down to standing up and Pupillary light response to determine adrenal health
  • Cuff test to determine mineral sufficiency
  • Pressure on various Chapman and other reflex points to determine organ and endocrine (hormone) gland health
  • Deep abdominal pressures to determine small intestine and colon health


Detoxification, or full-body Cleansing, is another arena often used in Functional Nutrition to significantly reduce your risk of various chronic diseases of lifestyle such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, cancers, and Alzheimer’s disease.  Elimination or Anti-inflammatory Diets are often helpful for those of you with joint and muscle aches and pains, various skin conditions, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and overall body inflammation.

Cleanse programs, specific nutrient supplementation, and dietary balancing have an amazing way of taking the stress load off of your body, thereby allowing it to heal and repair on its own.  The complete Functional Assessment will guide your journey to increase your energy, vitality, and assist in reducing overall body inflammation for a more holisitic healing.