Diversified Manual Adjusting of the Spine and Extremities, including Drop Table

This is Dr. Dawn’s primary method of chiropractic adjusting, which uses a high velocity, low amplitude thrust to shift the spine into alignment and restore motion into the joints.  Our bodies are designed to move, so let’s get your body moving properly!


Activator Chiropractic Adjusting

This technique uses a spring-loaded, hand-held mechanical instrument which provides a quick, low-force impulse on joints, muscles, and bones to restore motion in the targeted spinal vertebrae and joints.  This is a gentle technique often used by Dr. Dawn on infants, children, and older, frail adults but also on all ages, depending on the desired result.


Cranial Adjusting

Cranial adjusting is a gentle, noninvasive healing modality that corrects the micro-motion of the cranial vault or skull, which is comprised of 8 cranial bones that are joined together at sutures (tongue and groove joints) that allow for micro-motion.  When there is lack of this micro-movement of the cranium, it can result in distortion and ultimately affect the normal flow of cerebrospinal fluid, which is the fluid that bathes the brain and spinal cord, and the nervous system.  Cranial distortions occur when the body is subjected to any of the following stressors:  physical birth trauma, sports injuries, motor vehicle collisions, chemical food additives, amalgams, drugs, food intolerances, environmental pollution, and emotional stresses.

Chiropractic Evaluations

Because of the importance of proper alignment in your everyday living, working, and playing activities, Dr. Dawn offers evaluations of your work computer station and movements, your gait, and your posture.  This helps to assess and correct ergonomics affecting your alignment, your functioning, and your biomechanics (aka movement patterns).