Energetic Nutritional Assessment Technique (ENAT)

ENAT uses muscle testing to determine nutritional deficiencies and toxicities.  ENAT is a unique system for rapidly assessing various points and reflexes that determine your nutritional status.  The priority of the imbalance between the Five Foundational Pillars of Nutrition and the resulting effects of that imbalance on the Four Body Systems is determined.


Specific and individualized supplementation and dosing is quickly ascertained to provide you with the most effective and successful results.  It takes the guesswork out of exactly what is needed by the body and what is not!


The Five Foundational Pillars of Nutrition include:

1. Digestion

2. Blood Sugar Handling

3.  Fatty Acid Imbalance

4. Tissue Mineral Assessment

5. Hydration


The Four Body Systems include:

1. Endocrine

2. Immune/Allergy

3. Neurological/Detoxification

4. Cardiovascular