Soft Tissue Therapies that release muscle tension

  • Gua Sha, which is scraping of the skin to release toxins from injured areas to stimulate blood flow and healing.
  • Trigger Point, which is deep pressure on a tender nodule in a muscle causing release of tension.
  • Cross Fiber Friction, which is massage perpendicular to the muscle fibers to break up adhesions and knots.
  • Dynamic Pin and Stretch, which is movement-based muscle-lengthening that uses a stretching and sliding force to increase movement in tissues.
  • Post Isometric Relaxation, which is muscle relaxation following an isometric muscle contraction in a stretched position.







Lifestyle Recommendations for home self-care practices to release whole body tension

Dr. Dawn offers a variety of lifestyle recommendations including stretching exercises, foam rolling methods, grounding by being barefoot, injury rehabilitation strengthening exercises, aerobic fitness, and strength training exercises.